Online Clothing04.26.14

In recent years the online shopping experience has really taken off, offering more services and more flexibility.  These comprise of layby, ship to an address or pick up from store, online only discounts just to name a few.  Because there are not that many plus size stores in Melbourne that cater to the larger size ladies like sizes from 30-50 it has become the norm to buy clothes online only.  I can’t remember the last time I ventured into a store personally.

Now I know what your going to say, but you should not knock it, there are the odd occasions that you may purchase something and it doesn’t fit, this has happened to me too.  To return overseas is a bit of a night mare I agree, however once you have found a good online store that caters to all sorts of styles and occasions and you have purchased their clothing for a while, you will just know which size you are and you will get  used to the type of material used on these clothes.  Once this occurs you will not have this issue of wrong sizes or clothes not fitting.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a store out there (that you can go in person) to visit that has clothing for sizes 6-50.  So if you can buy a singlet in size six, you can buy it in 50.  That would be so terrific and the store would have this one range that everyone can wear.  Teamed with accessories like bags and jewellery and intimate apparel we have a winner.

So keep an eye out on the web for the next new store that pops up, it could be mine.



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Life Shift12.16.12


Old woman 2Photo by: tsoumplekas

Last year I couldn’t wait to turn 40 and have my big party in January 2012.  Well now it’s almost the end of 2012 and guess what?  My birthday is coming up again in January and I’ll be turning 41. 

Hooley Dooley.

In 2011 when I was planning my party I had no idea what I was in for, I thought the old saying “life begins at 40” was the absolute truth.  I had no idea that it was not necessarily true and that once you turned 40 you would have struggles like you never thought possible.

This year I have gained weight, not done ¾ of the things in my 40 things I must do before I turn 40, let alone when I was 40.  My health has started to not be the best, I had a fall and it has really put a damper on things.

I thought that with age comes wisdom, but I have not learned anything.  I thought that I could be the one people turn to for advice and that hasn’t happened.  If anything I have been the one asking for advice.

I also find that I more and more want to stay at home and not venture out, which for me wasn’t the thing to do.  I was the one who always asked everyone else to get of their butts and come out with me.

I know this sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself but it’s not that!  I just never imagined that I would feel like this, I was expecting parties and celebration and the right to say NO to people just because you are older and you can.  I was expecting that I would be doing a lot more than I am.

The other thing that has gotten to me lately is that I don’t have children and I am feeling the strain of that all over again.  Maybe I am thinking too much, or have too much time on my hands.  All I know is that this feels terrible.

The only positive thing is my job, I am really starting to spread my wings and blossom.  It challenges me and rewards me with satisfaction of being able to contribute to the bigger picture and much bigger than myself, doesn’t make me feel so small.

I should also mention that my husband has been so great, he is a supportive husband and we have grown together within our marriage.  He is my life and I don’t know what I would do without him.

Sorry it’s been so long since I have written anything but I have not felt the passion to write as I once did.  I just realised I am getting old!












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New IDEAS05.27.12

Photo credit to: http: Crystal Jingsr

It has been a while since I have written anything on BGDC and I thought I would ask you my readers what you would like to see.

If you have any ideas that you would like to put forward please email me at and I will be more than happy to accommodate.

Looking foward to hearing your ideas!!


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Australian Online Plus Size Stores12.18.11

It seems like only a few months ago I was wondering when Victoria and the rest of Australia would succumb to Plus Size Fashion online stores as profitable businesses.  And now so close to Christmas 2011 I find an array of new stores, some in my home town which is incredible.

I knew once the word got around that we Aussies would come around to how wonderful online shopping has been for the plus size community at large, pardon the pun.    I was so excited about this I just had to write a post about it.  Just in one hour session of GOOGLING I found 4 online stores within Australia.  They have been added to my directory and they are:  (yet to be added to directory) but I am working on it.

They are fresh innovative and very reasonable in price which made me even more excited to go and shop there.  Girls please take a look at these new sites and let’s support our local stores as many of our business goes to overseas stores and we can change that now that we have more options here in Oz.

I think that as time goes by we will be seeing more and more online stores in Australia that sell Plus Size Fashion and Accessories which will be a huge bonus to the Australian Plus Size Community.  We have come a long way in this area and I am sure that this industry in Australia will grow at a rapid rate now.

Over the next few months I will do my upmost to add as many new stores to my directory for your shopping enjoyment. 


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Cyber Crimes07.02.11

Photo Credit to: anonymous9000

Many of us love using the internet to Google and shop online etc.; however my personal experience has been that sometimes websites you visit SCAM people who put their trust in those websites and you will inevitably lose money.  Some of the checks you can make are listed below but are not always a guarantee that they are safe sites.

    • Check to see if there is HTTPS:// at the start of the  website
    • Contact information
    • Read the fine print
    • Check forums
    • Check Fraud websites to see if they are listed on it

The websites listed on have been contacted and I have purchased from most of them personally and haven’t had any problems.  If you are unsure at any time please contact me by email at and tell me your concerns and I will double check those sites out.  If you are still unsure use them at your own risk or pay them the old fashioned way by money order or bank cheque.

I recently Googled a website for movies, I didn’t want to download illegally so I tried to find some site that you pay a fee and then you can legally watch these movies online.  Even after I checked this site out using the above checklist I still got scammed out of $AUD42.00.  The thing that made me most upset is that this site is now no longer in existence so there is no place I can go and contact these people.

I also had to be on hold for 30 minutes to my bank to put a stop on the card and have this replaced.  So let’s recap here: I lost money, I can’t watch these movies anymore, I wasted 1 hour all up on the phone with my bank putting a stop on my card, and as it turns out I think these scum bags will get away with it.

All I wanted to do was watch a few movies legally online and I got more then I bargained for.

For Australian Residents if you are unsure about a site please got to this Australian website that the government has set up as SCAMWATCH.

Australian readers use

USA reader’s use


I couldn’t find an International site so I have used the FBI site for international as they have partners around the world which could assist you in cyber-crimes or at least point you in the right direction.

I guess the lesson for today is look into getting one of those VISA debit cards that you get in the post office which isn’t linked to your bank that you can use online.  This way if you need to purchase something online you can put money into this account at the Australia Post and you won’t be jeopardising your accounts at the bank, so if you have to lose money it won’t be your life savings.

If you have any other fraud sites that you would like to share please email me and I would be happy to post them as a follow up.


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Smoking affecting your fitness efforts?06.13.11

Photo credit: quitsmokingtoday2010

Most people that smoke don’t really know what the cigarettes are doing to them. All they know is that they enjoy it and find it a calming and enjoyable experience. Non-smokers on the other hand find it totally repulsive to say the least. Recently 3 weeks ago I quit smoking and it has been quite an ordeal let me tell you. The cravings at times when you smoke were like someone was plucking out my eyelashes. It was horrible to deal with.

The good news is that what I didn’t realise is that due to my weight I thought I couldn’t be active because of that, however what I discovered is that the other day I went to the shopping centre ( I haven’t been for about 1 year), I would avoid them like the plague. I simply dreaded walking around. Now what happened to me this weekend was remarkable, I decided to go and do my shopping and actually wanted to walk around – even if I was in pain doing so. When I got there and walked around I was not in pain and found that I was less out of breath than usual.

This was a miracle in my eyes as firstly I didn’t think I could ever quit the smokes but what was even more remarkable then doing that was the fact that I WALKED, it was exhilarating and made me feel like I was a part of society again and very alive. It was just great and then I started thinking what other things I could do, like walking at the park, walking on the beach with my husband (whom doesn’t ever suggest going anywhere he thinks I could not handle) would have been so proud of me and to see me doing the normal things in life and enjoying it, that would be the main thing.

So the thing is I actually owe this all to quitting, now here comes the bad news and please don’t fault me on this, just listen.

So, whilst I was at the shopping centre doing the shopping I lost my EFT card and when I was at the supermarket paying for my groceries I found that I couldn’t find my card anywhere. So I was thinking what did I do with it, what, what? As I walked into the shopping centre I stopped at the EFT machine to check my balances and what did silly me do, I’ll tell you what I did, I left my card in the machine and took the paper balance sheet.

So whilst I did walking around the shopping centre and enjoying it I was now stressed that I lost my card. I was lucky I had a credit card to pay for the groceries. The bank called my mobile and asked that I call them back. When I was in my car I was on hold for what seemed an eternity and I still didn’t get through. So I thought I will just go home and deal with it then.

When I got home I told my husband what happened and he told me immediately that the police called our house asking me to pick my card up at the police station. As it turned out someone (anonymous) dropped it off at the police station, what a lovely person that is whoever it is. No money was taken and I got my card back, I really needed to pay some bills. When I got my card back I tried using the teller machine but it rejected my request. I rang the bank again and finally got through and they unblocked my card thank God.

Now here is the bad part, I was so stressed at the thought of losing my whole monthly wage that I was shaking and in turn went and bought some cigarettes. I know I know you must be saying, but I have actually been smoking since I got home and all weekend. I realise this has just ruined all the hard work I did for those three weeks and it will be hard to try quitting again, but I think that I can do it again.

So the morel of the story is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and quitting smoking will give you more than just clear lungs it will give you your energy back and the will to get out of your comfort zone well that is what happened with me.  Now they say that anyone person can try to give up at least 7 times before actually giving up for good and that each time gets easier and each time you go without smoking for longer.  This is my second attempt.   Wish me luck for my next attempt.


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Camper Trailer Camping03.20.11

My husband and I have recently bought a camper trailer, I can tell you that we have completely decked it out with a inner spring matteress, a kitchen with draws/sink and tap.  It is amazing.  We are going away for Easter to the beautiful Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  It will be our first offical trip away with it.  I can’t wait.  The beauty of it is that we can go anywhere we like and all we have to worry about is which park we will stay at.  The other thing that really appeals to me is that when you are at these Caravan Parks you can go walking and do all sorts of outdoor activities which ultimately helps you stay active.

I plan to go fishing, walking and if the weather stays warm even swiming.  You just feel relaxed and free to do what ever you like.

Try it sometime people.



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Photo Credit – Family albumn

Most people take for granted that their parents and siblings will always be there, as I found out that I was to lose my both my parents and somehow being so far away from my siblings it feels like I lost them too.  It has been hard for me because we all lived together until I was 32 years old.  We did everything together – picnics, night clubbing, dinners and outings, video nights, drive ins.  Now even though I am only about 1 and a bit hours away it feels like I am in another country.

Everyone has gone on with their lives and forgotten what we all meant to each other.  I though haven’t forgotten and will always treasure our times together even if they have forgotten.  I recently got in touch with some distant family members and I received in the mail the other day 2 DVD’s with footage of my parents, us girls as children and other family members.  It was so good to see my mum and dad happy and healthy again and how they interacted with us kids.  I meant the world to me.

Maybe this year will be a year where we all connect again and realise how important we are to each other and that we are all we have left really.  I hope my siblings feel the same way as I but one can only hope.



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40 things I have to do before I turn 40!!02.08.11

There are 326 more days till I turn 40; yes it is not far away now.  I hope to have a party with friends and family and perhaps make it a theme party.  Like the 80’s or 70’s, horror, rock.  Gee I can’t decide, but know it has to be fabulous.  I have listed 40 things I endeavour to do before I turn 40. 

I may or may not finish the list but it will be fun to update you as to how I am going with it.  Whether or not I succeed with it is not the point, the point is that I try to fit in a fun action packed year if I can possibly manage it.

I am merely a simple girl with simple goals but I know what ever happens this year that I will do my best and have fun along the way.

What will happen after 40?  Well who knows but that will have to be left as another post.  You may have a list of your own that you would like to share with me and my readers, I look forward to seeing your lists appear on my site.

  1. Blog more
  2. Complete my book
  3. Spring clean the house
  4. Catch up with friends and family more
  5. Have a dinner party
  6. Have a Tupperware party
  7. Talk more with my husband
  8. Plan my 40th party
  9. Sort out my family photo albums
  10. Create a family photo album into a book and give my sisters a copy
  11. Sort out my study once and for all
  12. Finish a major project at work this year
  13. Eat more vegetables
  14. Fix the photo frame of the kids and then hang them up in the house
  15. Call the plumber to take out the heater
  16. Call a plasterer to plaster the hole the heater will leave
  17. Paint at least the lounge, kitchen and dining room
  18. Pay off some debt so I can buy my King Furniture couches
  19. Buy a new rug
  20. Call an electrician to put in a fan in my room, some extra power points, a fan in the toilet, some power outside, and a sensor light at the front.
  21. Get rid of clothes in my cupboards once and for all
  22. Sell my dining table
  23. Buy a new dining setting
  24. Exercise more
  25. Paint the front door charcoal
  26. Keep in contact with Lidija
  27. Go camping with my husband in our new trailer
  28. Give fishing another chance
  29. Cook more
  30. Learn to bake better
  31. Do a photo shoot with Jacqui
  32. Wax my eyebrows
  33. Wax my legs (finally)
  34. Dye my hair
  35. Read my Twighlight books
  36. Get out of the house more
  37. Continue my word of the day in Facebook
  38. Book into a day spa again
  39. Tell my niece and nephews that I love them
  40. Be true to myself

My list is complete; we change, grow and evolve into new people all the time.  I just hope that the next 40 years will be as interesting as the first 40 have been.



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Thoughts on food this week01.26.11

If you ever feel heavy and full all the time maybe it is time to change to salads again, I know that is what I have been doing.  It must be the heat, and all I know is that I have felt so full all the time and gluggy.

I am surprised how easy it is to eat Subway or salads and fruit.  I have really enjoyed eating this type of food.  I am also at that point again where I am sick to death of take away food.  I crave a low fat healthy home cooked meal.

Tomorrow night I am making pork cutlets, mash potato and vegies (beans, snow peas, maybe some carrots) haven’t decided yet.  I always grill my meat so I know it will be lovely and I have purchased these cutlets with most of the fat already taken off them.

My aim this week is to just buy loads of salad stuff, as well as actually use what I have in the vegie patch, got some zucchini, cucumber at the moment.  Might be ready for picking this week so will enjoy eating them.  I have also been drinking more water instead of heaps of soft drink which is a small change but a good one I think.

So anyway just thought I would share my thoughts today.


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Unique Day Spa – 12th Jan 201101.25.11

Photo credit : Katly Malgeri

It was my birthday on the 12th of Jan and I had to most wonderful day ever.  I took the day off work and booked myself into, it was the most relaxing day of my life.   I went onto get the delux pedicure and a hydrobath with coconut milk.  I honestly can’t tell you how relaxing it was and I guess you will have now book yourself into your local Spa and pamper yourself.  The atmosphere is amazing and tranquil, and just the whole place made me feel alive and very relaxed. 

So if you think you are special like I did that day, you should try some of these places around Australia.  I am sure you will love the pamper experience as I did.

Macedon Spa – Victoria

Aqua Viva Day Spa – Victoria

Buddha Gardens Day Spa – NSW

Heaven Spa – QLD

Universal Body – SA

Savoy Baths – Tasmania Hobart

Bayview Day Spa – Perth



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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!12.24.10

Photo credit : CCapozzi

Dear readers,

I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and a wonderful 2011.  I hope to write more for you to keep you coming back but until then enjoy your holidays and be safe.

Love Katly @ Big Girls don’t Cry.


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I have wanted for a very long time to do a photo shoot of myself and now I am pleased to say that in the next few months you will see me in a new light.  I am very excited to be apart of this and thanks to a very close lady to me, will be helping me out by doing the shoot and I am helping her out because she can use this shoot in her portfolio.

Photography is her passion and I thought it would be great to go around Melbourne and take pictures in our wonderful city.  I will keep you posted as to when this will happen.

This shoot will be about the re birth of BGDC and well myself.

Have a great weekend!!


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RA RA11.06.10


Ra Ra

My gorgeous nephew has a video, check it out.  It is really cute and take a look at his teeth.  Enjoy!


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A word10.24.10

Photo credit: Floyd Brown

Don’t you sometimes feel like people are Pete repeat. The same old lines – people are obese because of bad choices and lifestyle. I feel like people keep saying this and really don’t understand what they are actually saying.

There are many reasons why people are obese and not all of them are because of poor choices and bad lifestyle. I am now being Pete repeat because I keep getting the same comments on my site but one liners and nothing more.

Come on people give us something we don’t know, and look into your comments content a little further and then make an informed comment.

Till the next time


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When I wrote Can’t get pregnant – part 2, I had no idea that it would generate so much interest. The total views to date have been 12,636.

I truely find it unbelievable. Thank you to all whom have read it.


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Discover Melbourne’s best kept shopping secrets09.09.10

Photo credit: Madison Plus

Melbourne has has always been my favorite city in Australia, and now you can see why.  Many plus size clothing stores are popping around everywhere and so I am going to introduce you to the best that Melbourne has to offer us bigger gals.

As you may have experienced with online shopping that most great stores are overseas, you can find some great clothing right here in Melbourne.  Let’s see if you can find your PAZZAZ and STYLE.

My Secret – located at 226 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Ph 9576 0445, they offer sizes 16-26

WRAP Plus size clothing – located at 90 Charman Road, Mentone, Vic, 3194 Ph 03 9515 4417 Sizes 14-36

Big Time Clothing Company – PO Box 2140, Fountain Gate, Vic, 3805 Ph. 5996 1842 Sizes 20-50

Towanda – located at Shop 4, Driver Lane, 318 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000 Ph 03 9639 0909 Sizes 14-24

Sarah Fashion – located at all David Jones Stores in Melbourne – Sizes 16-28

Lisa’s Lacies – located at 6 Klauer St, Seaford VIC 3198 Ph 03 9782 5955 & 44 Johnson Street, Reservoir VIC 3073 Ph. 03 9462 0333 – Sizes (see website for details)

Zeve – located at 42 Smith Street, Warragul, Victoria, 3820 Ph 03 5622 1900 Sizes 14-28

Dream Diva – located PO Box 207, Richmond, Vic, 3121 Ph 1300 557 391 sizes 14-24

These are just a few more stores that you can phone for advice and to get you’re nearest location.

  • Maggie T (03) 9420 7160
  • My Size 1800 335 997
  • Katie’s T 1800 151 110
  • Big in Black T (03) 9792 2229, 135 Thomas Street, Dandenong 3175

Ladies I hope you find these useful as I did and HAPPY SHOPPING Ladies!!


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Winter Blues, Spring’s back08.30.10

Photo credit: Enrico Weber

This Winter has been getting me down, it is so cold I can’t be my happy go lucky self.  Even the hubby gets the Winter blues.  I am so glad spring is upon us.

10 things to do in Spring is a great way to start the season and do all the things  you probably couldn’t do because of this aweful Winter weather.  I don’t know about you but I am totally over it now.  I love nothing better than to feel the the warm sun on my face and breath that fresh air.  That is after I take my allergy pills LOL.  I’ll leave that one alone, till I write about it.

So now that Spring is upon  us what list of things will you do? feel free to write in and share with us. We could do with a list to get us all motivated, me included.


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10+ Winter warmers06.20.10

Photo credit: Wiffygal’s

As the weather starts to get cold and winter approaches we all love to keep warm, and with food there isn’t much difference.  I have a great selection of winter warmers that will suit most tastes.

  1. Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe
  2. Leek and Stilton Soup Recipe
  3. The Ultimate Pick Me Up Soup Recipe
  4. Cullen Skink Soup Recipe
  5. Vegetable and Bean Soup Recipe
  6. Wild Mushroom Soup
  7. Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder Recipe
  8. Cock-a-Leekie Soup Recipe
  9. Cauliflower, Broccoli and Mustard Soup Recipe
  10. Left Over Soup Recipe

 All soups listed above are curtesy of

For those of you that like the low fat version of soups a list in the link provided brought to you by also has some lovely recipes that are their low fat collection.  Take a look and you will be surprised at what you will find.

Enjoy the colder whether and if you have any soups or recipes that you think my readers will enjoy please send them in and I’ll post them up on the site.


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Bubba’s Veggie Garden06.13.10

Photo credit:  Andrecarol

We consume so many foods and don’t really know what is in them; yes I am talking about fresh vegetables and fruits.  Chemicals are still used all over the world on crops.  As many of you already know I am married to a wonderful man who just so happens to have a green thumb. 

My husband has created our very own veggie patch as well as some lovely herbs.  The reason I am telling you this is because they are chemical free and will no doubt be the yummiest tasting vegetables you will ever eat.  So I thought I would write a post on the benefits of having your own vegetable garden.

Whilst it costs money to set up and maintain your garden it can ultimately save you money with your grocery bill.  Not to mention the fresh produce you have in your back yard that you can come home from work, go outside pick your lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, along with some parsley or basil to create a wonderful salad with your lean chicken, fish or meat.  On the other hand you might be feeling the cold like I am and come home, dig out some carrots, beans and even potatoes and leaks to create a warm comfort food soup, infused with a little chicken or beef or lamb it will warm the most fussiest of hearts.

The main point of this post is to show you that you can eat healthy and have fun watching your vegetables and fruit grow right before your eyes, then think of many different combinations to make a healthy, low fat meal that is also packed with nutrients.  This will assist you in losing weight because you have these foods at your doorstep (well in your back yard) anyway. 

Now I realise that some of you are not much of gardeners – neither am I really, however I see how my husband’s eyes light up when he plants something from a seed and it grows into a lovely healthy vegetable that we can eat.  I am more of a herb gardener – you can do this in pots and they look lovely on a window or balcony.

Photo credit: Mfoley25

By having herbs and vegetables in your garden you can really make the most wonderful meals and you will know they are fresh because you picked it from your own garden.  So why don’t you give gardening a go for the pleasure of watching something grow, for the peace it gives you, the health aspects and not to mention that gardening is a great exercise for you to do without you even knowing it – and it certainly doesn’t feel like you are slogging it out in the gym.  I hope this inspires you all to start growing something of your own.  I would love to hear your success stories.

Here are some helpful sites for you to visit that will help you set up your own gardens with the help from the professionals.


One Green Generation

Vegatable Garden Feng Shui


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FAT Bashing06.12.10

Photo credit :  Slipper04

Yes, I am writing about this subject again because after doing some research I found this very interesting article on the subject.  You really have to read it as it outlines issues that are very important to us all.  Attitudes may or may not change and every one has their own opinion BUT come on people you have to understand what us fatties face every day.  Being obese is not a choice I can tell you from personal experience, however things are not that simple as cho0sing or not cho0sing to be obese.

When are we going to stop apologising for being who we are, we still have the same colour blood as everyone else, have arms, legs, hearts.  It is the time to stop all this fat bashing.  Every time I go into research mode and find new and intersting articles – it could be about a fashion question like ‘why can’t the over weight ladies find nice clothing?   It turns into a fat bashing.   Ahhhh I am mad that is for sure but in any case you really have to read the article because it has many points and I think you will find it interesting. 

Please let me know what challenges you face by commenting.


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Your weightloss Journal05.15.10

Photo credidt: Ayomide

We all know how hard it is to stay on track with weight loss programs and how easy it is to fall off the wagon.  I have been off the wagon for quite a few months.  I think I had gotten to the point that I just plain gave up on myself.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and I think these simple documents will help you too.  I have put together some simple documents that are ready to use just by printing them.  The documents I have created are food journal, exercise log and weight loss chart.  I will start my own journal on Monday so I will be struggling along with you all.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can’t do this anymore and give up, but the truth is that when I keep telling myself I am doing this instead of I can’t do this it really does help.  Positive statements and thought patterns really do work when you are trying to achieve something, like weight loss.  I hope these tips and documents help you too.  Lets take the challenge together, I expect you all to tell me how you are going, and I want all of us to support each other through this. 

Weighloss chart

Food Log

Exercise Log


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Low Gi (Glycemic Index) Diet01.28.10


Photo credit : bautistalh

There has been extensive research into Low Gi (Glycemic Index) and how it affects our body with weight loss.  PCOS is common in women and the experts have associated a Low Gi diet as a great way to combat weight loss, Diabetes and of course PCOS.  For me personally I am trying to incorporate some recipes that you would cook everyday and convert them into Low Gi meals.

You can search the Low Gi database in the link above to obtain your favourite recipes with Low Gi in mind.  I am taking my own advice and doing just that.  My weight struggle has been a long and heat breaking battle.  I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight, change my lifestyle and just generally be healthy.  I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and it has definitely not helped me to lose weight. 

Every case is different and in my case it has been very difficult to manage my eating patterns, not to mention the constant pressure I have to try to fall pregnant.  It has been like a vicious circle.  I have read a few books on Low Gi and found that it may just assist me in losing weight, and ultimately fall pregnant.

Another great book to read on Low Gi is (Gi Feel Good – Health & Weight loss) by John Ratcliffe Dip. TCM, Grad Dip Psy.  Very interesting reading as well as great recipes and food charts with Gi numbers beside them, just like the chart on with high, medium and low Gi as a guide.  This book gives you an insight that you may not have even thought about but explains the ins and outs of the process.

Other useful websites are:


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Photo credit: Tojosan

I find it especially difficult on special occasions and parties when it comes to food, alcohol and smoking.  I tend to almost always overeat, drink too much or even smoke much more then I usually do.  The result is not much fun. 

You may ask yourselves why do we do this?  Why do we let it happen when we know that it is bad for us?  The questions are endless but the real thing we should try to ascertain is what can we do to stop ourselves.

The above link shows us what overindulgence is and what kind of help can we get for it, plus some helpful tips of how we can avoid doing this to ourselves.  I am the first to admit that when I get depressed over what ever it is, I tend to turn to food and over do it.

Then other times I am really good, but the times I overindulge out weigh the times I am good.  Not to mention exercising, which has been minimal in the last 6 months.

I guess in this instance I can relate to all of you whom overindulge and understand what drives you to do this.  Obesity is not an easy thing to have to live with and for me my fear of actually succeeding is a big part of why I am still obese.  This may sound strange to you, but there you have it ‘my fear determines whether I lose weight or not’.

I would be interested to hear your story of what triggers you off to overindulge so please email me your stories to

Some great video tips of how to handle those holiday parties when it comes to food and alcohol will give you some to plan for at the end of 2010.  Good luck – I will be attempting to take all this on board myself and will let you know how it goes at the next party or gathering for a special occasion.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 201012.24.09

Dear loyal readers, I would like to thank you all for your input into this site over the years and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  I hope to see you all in the new year to come.  Hopefully I can get my act together and write more often.  Your support has warmed my heart.  Thank You All!!!!


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What a LEMON!11.08.09


Photo credit: Ahmed

Many of you may have heard of the Lemon Detox Diet and how you can lose weight and cleanse your insides.  The link will give you all the information from their website, but I am here to talk about how I think that replacing all your solid food with three drink replacements isn’t the answer.

Sure you can do this but I don’t know about you but I would be starving and break it.  Therefore you won’t get the bennefits and you just wasted your money. 

There are so many miracle diets on the market, pills, drinks, meat diets etc, but what we are all forgetting is that none of these are the answer really because you need to eat, and you need to exercise.

You need to do this every day of your life, I know because I have not done it for a while.  My eating has gone to the dog house, exercise is non exsistant and what I and everyone else should do is figure out a routine for you that you can stick to.

This post isn’t giving you facts and figures, the site can give you that.  I just wanted to voice my opinion about all these crash diet plans.  I am sure they all mean well and I am sure some of them work.

What happens when you stop – but haven’t changed your ways, I’ll tell you what happens you put all the weight back on and then some. 

There are however some great uses for the lemon, below are the uses I have found.

Readers Digest lemon uses

28 creative uses for lemons

Natural uses for lemons

House hold uses for lemons

10 Eco friendly things to do with lemons

How to save money with lemons

Healthy uses for lemons

Some of these links may overlap but you will definately get the general idea.  When I think of lemons I think refreshing.  So even though the Lemon detox diet isn’t exactly what I think will help you acheive weight loss and keep it off there are many other great uses for the Lemon.


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Hello readers05.27.12

I’ve been off the grid for awhile but thought I should make an appearance. Thank you all for your support.


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